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We are a «Business Association» of producers from NAVARRA (north of SPAIN)

  • Josenea


    Productor: Josenea Products: Organic infusions, drinks, food… Description: Josenea is a nonprofit Labor Association, created in 2002 with the aim of developing a social project in a rural area. To achieve this ambitious plan, as we are strongly committed to society and to the environment; we have set a plantation of aromatic and medicinal herbs....

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  • Arrasate


    Productor: Arrasate Products: Pan Ecológico HISTORY Panadería Arrasate is a family run business; social objective is the production, distribution and sale of breads, pastries and related products. Founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, generation after generation has developed the most wholesome products of our land. In 2001, new approaches were developed; new bread...

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  • Quaderna Via

    Quaderna Via

    Productor: Quaderna Via Products: Organic wine. Description: With a long winemaking tradition behind them, brothers Raúl and Jorge Ripa run this family winery. Our wines are made solely and exclusively with grapes grown in our own vineyards and which are still tended, as they have been for as long as time remembers, without the aid...

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  • SIERRA MAESTRA Distribuciones Solidarias

    SIERRA MAESTRA Distribuciones Solidarias

    Productor: Sierra Maestra Distribuciones Solidarias Products: Mojito and caipirinha Description: Sierra Maestra was born 16 years ago, driven by a clear conviction that Fair Trade should reach all areas of society, including leisure and ludic areas. Sierra Maestra has developed a variety of bottled cocktails, “ready to serve”, the ones to which you only have...

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  • Salinas de Oro

    Salinas de Oro

    Productor: Salinas de Oro Products: Sal Description: Sel des Pyrénées Organic Salt Production and Distribution Organic salt from a 220 million year-old fossilised sea, which emerges in the form of natural springs 700m above sea level. Block showing the rise of Triassic materials through the Mesozoic and Tertiary series. With a wealth of minerals and...

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  • Cafés Plaza del Castillo

    Cafés Plaza del Castillo

    Productor: Cafés Plaza del Castillo Products: Organic coffee Description: Since 1934 Over 80 years ago, the Moreno family opened their first coffee establishment in the heart of Pamplona (Navarra). From then on they continue working in order to bring to both, to people’s homes and to prestigious establishments (hotels and restaurants) the culture and enjoy...

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  • La Casa del Aceite

    La Casa del Aceite

    Productor: La Casa del Aceite Products: Oil Description: The House of Oil is a family-run business established in 1998 and devoted to Production and Sales of extra virgin olive oil. All olive oil that we produce comes from our own olive groves and from about 700 farmers in the region. The quality of our oils...

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  • Bodegas Irache

    Bodegas Irache

    Productor: Bodegas Irache Productos: Vinos Descripción: Una de las bodegas más antiguas de Navarra, se alza a los pies de Montejurra donde sus viñedos ya abastecían de vino a la casa real de Navarra allá por el siglo XII. Su historia corre paralela a la del monasterio, primer hospital de peregrinos de la Ruta Jacobea. La...

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  • Bodegas Javier Asensio

    Bodegas Javier Asensio

    Productor: Javier Asensio Productos: Vinos Descripción: Los hermanos Asensio Sanz fundaron esta bodega en 1994, con un único objetivo: elaborar vinos de calidad. Afincada en la comarca de Sesma, los propietarios cultivan allí alrededor de 70 hectáreas de viñedo propio, asentadas en margas calizas y de aluvión. Se trata de una zona árida donde la...

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Halaco Navarra International is a Business Association of producers from NAVARRA, famous region located at the north of Spain at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Navarra is very well known for its fertile and productive lands and its long tradition in organic agriculture. We offer a wide range of healthy and high quality products at the best prices. We have the support of the Government of Navarre in order to promote our region abroad.

HALACO has been awarded in 2014 with financial and institutional assistance due to the quality
of our products and for the purpose of internationalizing our recently created Association.


  1. Bodegas y Viñedos Quaderna Vía

  2. Bodegas Arriezu

  3. Cafés Plaza del Castillo

  4. Comercial Leframa

  5. El Caserío

  6. Gironés Asiáin Hnos

  7. La Casa del Aceite

  8. Licores Azanza

  9. Panadería Arrasate

  10. Sierra Maestra Distribuciones Solidarias

  11. Viñedos y Bodegas Asensio



  1. Bodegas Irache

  2. Zapiáin S.A.T.


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