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Panadería Arrasate is a family run business; social objective is the production, distribution and sale of breads, pastries and related products. Founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, generation after generation has developed the most wholesome products of our land.
In 2001, new approaches were developed; new bread and pastry related products were introduced. In doing so, a greater convenience was added to each outlet.

Such development -stemmed from the belief in the production of wholesome, diet enriching foods reflected in the conventional range of products offered by Panadería Arrasate at the time- led the company to begin developing organic and all-natural products.

This line of organic and all-natural products is made up of, fundamentally, seven different varieties of biscotes. As regards sale and distribution there are two possibilities: the production for third parties, using brand names and logos simultaneously or the development of its own line of organic products.

Today, a few years later, the fact is that organic products produced by this company are consumed by a great many countries in the EU.


Arrasate offers a wide range of Biscotes made to satisfy the different tastes of our customers and contribute to a healthy and balanced diet while maintaining the authentic properties and tastes of our products.

Currently, our product range is made up of: White Flour Biscote, White Salt Free Biscote, Wholemeal Biscote, Multi-Cereal Biscote, Spelt Biscote, Wholemeal With Flaxseed Biscote and Biscote Kamut. All of the aforementioned biscotes are WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR.

A rigorous selection process of the best materials is involved in the elaboration of all the products.

All the ingredients used in the elaboration of our products come from eco-friendly cultivated fields, free of synthetic pesticides and are accredited with the relevant existing control processes.

In conclusion, our production methods are 100% organic. Consequently, the purity of our products is guaranteed.

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