Cafés Plaza del Castillo

Cafés Plaza del Castillo

Organic coffee


Since 1934

Over 80 years ago, the Moreno family opened their first coffee establishment in the heart of Pamplona (Navarra). From then on they continue working in order to bring to both, to people’s homes and to prestigious establishments (hotels and restaurants) the culture and
enjoy of good coffee.

As a result, Cafes Plaza del Castillo has managed to be a leader in its activity, without losing the original spirit, uniting tradition and experience.
The company has its own roaster with the latest technology replacing our ancient machineries that bring so good memories providing an amazing environment for our workers.

Today, the Moreno family continues running the business while keeping generation after generation the objective of fascinating customers with the taste and aroma of the finest daily roasted coffee. Why? Because coffee is part of us and we want to be part of the coffee.

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