La Casa del Aceite

La Casa del Aceite



The House of Oil is a family-run business established in 1998 and devoted to Production and Sales of extra virgin olive oil.

All olive oil that we produce comes from our own olive groves and from about 700 farmers in the region.

The quality of our oils is based on three factors:

· The excellent quality of olive variety “empeltre” grown in the area and mainly characterized by giving a very soft and sweet taste.

· Modern technology production.

· Human factor; Brothers Mario and Martin Gomara take care and control the entire production process to ensure the best extra virgin olive oil quality.

History and tradition in the olive oil come together at the “Ribera of Navarre”.

The history of the “Ribera of Navarre” is the story of their olives and oils. Olive cultivation in the region has been practiced since Roman times, many centuries ago.

Oil and health

EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is the only one that can be consumed in its natural state, with all its natural components kept unchanged. All chemical, biological and organoleptic properties of olive fruit are maintained. Every day new diseases for which consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is beneficial for prevention or even for cure are found: cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis and some cancers (breast, colon or prostate).

As a result, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the undisputed star of a wholesome and healthy Mediterranean diet.


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